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Onerpm.com (a music distribution company) makes bogus copyright infringement claims against original artists as a front for deleting their accounts. Once the artist account is wrongfully deleted onerpm goes from taking the agreed upon 15% cut, to taking the full 100% cut. After my account was deleted I found that all my titles distributed through them were still being sold through their website as well as still being available at itunes, spotify, and a host of other stores and streaming sites. Since I no longer have access to that account, who do you think is pocketing all the money from the sale / streaming of these music titles?

Both me and my friend (a professional touring session drummer) recently had accounts deleted, and it was the same story both times. Both of us had original material uploaded and distributed by this company only to one day find our accounts were deleted. Once accounts are deleted, onerpm discontinues (or limits) communication, giving artists little to no chance to dispute the bogus copyright infringement claims, and all releases remain online for sale through their website. In addition to titles remaining on their site for sale, they also don’t delete any titles from the digital partners that they distributed the material to (with onerpm now collecting 100% royalties from them as well).

They did have further communication with my friend concerning his account. They basically asked him to provide some kind of proof that he made / wrote the audio recordings in question. He was easily able to provide proof in the form of isolated tracks / outtakes / documentation), but after he sent everything, they turned around and asked him again if he could send in some kind of proof as if they didn’t receive anything the first time. My friend didn’t receive any delivery failure emails, or anything else to indicate that what he sent didn’t go through. He said it was a total runaround with them clearly pretending to have some sort of appeal / dispute protocol as if it were all just for show. I myself have yet to receive a single email communication from them nearly a month after having my account deleted, although I immediately wrote them saying that I have proof to dispute their claims.

For the record, I was earning artist royalties through my account for a little over a year before it got deleted. I estimate (based on earnings history) that I was about to make around $100 (for the month) if they hadn’t deleted my account. No artist royalty payments have been made (at their usual times) post account deletion. This is another thing that clearly indicates they are now pocketing the full 100% instead of the initial agreed upon 15%. If my material is illegitimate, then why are they still trying to sell it on their website? This company needs to be held accountable for the scams that they are pulling against independent musicians like myself. They are basically giving themselves a licence to steal by using bogus copyright claims as their front.

On Dec 22nd of 2016, I will reveal the artist name and album titles in question as well as documented proof supporting all the claims made in this article. I cannot reveal this information for now as onerpm will simply delete the titles and dispute my claims. I am building a case against them and need to see that they intend on leaving my titles up for sale on their website, as well as the 3rd party music sites that they distributed the titles to.

Product or Service Mentioned: Onerpm Account.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

I didn't like: Them collecting profits from my hard work.

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yep they're pretty bad, leave them.


Sounds like onerpm is run by Russians!

to Che #1588949

they probably are lol


How can you delete this profile! I can’t find a way to do it can someone help please!!!

Gurgaon, Haryana, India #1340934

The same happened to me bro,I uploaded albums to ONErpm last week and was asked to provide proof . I emailed the proof back as well as an email

They then proceeded ban me without any communication.

Worcester, Worcestershire, United Kingdom #1318966

I uploaded albums to ONErpm last week and was asked to provide proof just like everyone below. I emailed the proof back as well as an email from the company who license the software I used to make it.

They then proceeded to ban me without any communication.

A joke of a company. Avoid at all costs.

to Anonymous Guntersville, Alabama, United States #1322076

i just tried to make a release and was asked for proof i had rights but how do i provide proof if i solely created the material???

to Anonymous #1407509

Copyright your works at Copyright.gov then send them the form that shows you're the copyright owner.

Vigo, Galicia, Spain #1255997


I have exactly the same situation.

It's incredible.

I just published an album, and they repeated sent me 3 emails (from support@onerpm.com) stating that a prof of right was required. Replied 3 times that I'm the sole creator/owner...asked for a human person... and nothing!

I deleted completely my album from my account after a while (and of course after reading this article).

I don't know if they got to publish the album. What a shame.

Atlanta, Georgia, United States #1238119


Hayes, Hillingdon, United Kingdom #1235715

Hey - I am having these issues too. Exactly the same.

Is there anything I can do to help with the case?

Really want to sort these people out.

If you want to be in touch - framebreakermusic at g ma il dot com.

Hayes, Hillingdon, United Kingdom #1235713

Me too!

What a bunch of scammers! Disgusting.

Solihull, Solihull, United Kingdom #1235539

I am also having issues with Onerpm, they just suspended my account!

Solihull, Solihull, United Kingdom #1235383

Same thing happened to me and someone I know!

Houston, Texas, United States #1231323

I'm having issues with OneRPM also.

This is the latest they sent me:

We need an official document, as we said, proofing that you're the Digital Distribution Holder.




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