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I started using ONErpm in 2013 and they were pretty awesome back then! Over the years their quality of service has slowly gotten worse and worse.

Now they're very picky about artwork and accept NO public domain images. Also, their customer service sucks big time, you can tell they don't give a *** Removing albums from stores is a big hassle and takes forever, with other companies it doesn't take as long at all. They're condescending *** with nothing better to do; essentially, they don't care about their artists. They don't do what they say they'll do and make stuff take longer than necessary.

You HAVE to be so nice to their customer service or you just know they'll ban you, delete your account, keep your albums up on stores and rob money from you. This is who these crooks are! I would say this to them directly but I know they would not have it. What ever happened to good customer service?

These incompetent people don't deserve, nor should they BE IN the music industry! ONErpm needs to be shut down or investigated by the BBB or some other corporation to see what else wrong they're doing to people. After 5 years I'm done with them, and even being done with them is going to take fully get away from them, will take a long time.

Because they will make it difficult as they can!!! Stay away from these jokers!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Onerpm Customer Care.

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We are sorry that you had a negative experience with our platform. We value our artists and want them to receive the best possible service with the tools available on our website, giving the artist complete control of their distribution.

All streaming and download platforms request that we abide by certain guidelines in order to ensure timely delivery of content and consistency of quality.

If you have any questions, access our FAQ at Contact our support team for more specific questions: and If you have already sent an email to our support team with no response, please send another email with “[Second Contact]” included in the subject line so we can expedite your request. Thank you!

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